Who we are

The Agency for Private Schools is an independent advisory service on private schools and language schools. It was started in 1940.

The agency is a family-run business. Its managing director, Maja Studer-Gujer, represents the third generation of the family.

Over the years, the agency has accumulated a great fund of knowledge about private schools and language schools – and revises it systematically on a regular basis. Our team of advisers all have personal experience of private schools and language immersion programmes. This is of great value, both to them and to those seeking advice, in their consultations.

Maja Studer-Gujer, managing director

Maja Studer-Gujer did her schooling first in a French-speaking private school and then in a state school in the Zurich region. After her training in Business Administration she pursued further studies in a college in the USA and attended a Business English course in New York. As well as sitting for the Cambridge First Certificate and later the Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency examinations, she also took the TOEFL test. Further language immersion courses in Italy followed. Her many travels stand her in good stead as an advisor on language schools.

Maja Studer-Gujer has been working at the Agency for Private Schools since 1989. She took over the management of the firm from her parents on 1st January 2010. Being the mother of two children, she is very familiar with questions and problems of schooling.

Astrid Vorburger

Astrid Vorburger supports the team part-time.