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How do I find the right private school?

The choice of private schools in Switzerland is exceptionally extensive and diverse. It is also constantly in flux. Finding the school that best suits your child and his or her needs is quite a challenge.

30 years of experience

Private schools have been our particular area of concern for more than 30 years. We keep in touch with developments and are personally acquainted with numerous schools. Make use of our expertise.

  • We'll answer all your questions about private schools. We'll clarify the differences between individual schools.
  • We'll provide you with the support you need to find the most suitable school for your child among the wide range of options.
  • We'll arrange for you to visit particular schools.

Let's meet in Kloten ZH or in Meilen ZH

In a personal consultation, by telephone or in our office, we can give you professional advice. This service is of no cost to you. We provide you with a personalised information pack which we put together for you, including prospectuses of schools that are worth considering for your child. The only ones we recommend are schools with which we are personally acquainted.

Whether an application is made or not there is no charge for any assistance we offer. Nor are you under any financial obligation to the schools in question on account of our services.

  • We advise our clients in German, English and French.
  • We advise in Kloten and in Meilen.

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