Boarding School / Day School

What is a boarding school?

Boarding schools are residential schools where the children are not only taught but also accommodated. The children spend the weekends either at home or in the boarding school.

The advantages of boarding schools are worthy of note:

  • They take the pressure off parents who travel a great deal or are pursuing a demanding career. Parents know that their children are in safe hands, being well looked after and supervised.
  • Living together as a group builds character and fosters the social skills of the children. Many a lifelong friendship began in a boarding school.
  • Studying in a boarding school with pupils from a variety of cultures supports language learning. Children grow up communicating in several languages quite naturally. And this serves as an excellent foundation for a professional career.
  • There is great potential for learning progress because classes are kept small, so that pupils get individually targeted assistance. In an ordered environment there is also less to distract them.


What is a day school?

In day schools, children are looked after from morning till evening, including before and after lessons. They normally take their midday meals together. In addition, many day schools offer homework supervision.

There are very few state-run day schools in Switzerland. In the domain of private schools, however, this provision is widespread.

Advantages of private day schools:

  • In private day schools classes are generally smaller and pupils are given more individual support than in state-run schools. Each child therefore gets more attention.
  • Potential learning difficulties or problems with social integration can be spotted, addressed and rectified at an early stage.
  • Private schools actively promote a sense of community life.